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The Leader in Confidence Building and Creativity

Boost your child's confidence and let their creativity fly with our 10 week after school drama program


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Trusted by 300+ Parents


The Smartest Way to Help Your Child Become More Confident

Connect your child with like minded students, attend regular classes guided by an experienced teacher working in the Performing Arts industry, and watch as their creativity and confidence grow.


Guide your child’s creativity

Step by step creative parenting

Not an 'art person’? You don’t have to be! With our drama classes you are also given a weekly step-by-step parenting guide on fostering and supporting your child's creativity and confidence at home!

Give them an Outlet

Weekly drama classes all year round.

We’re here every step of the way. Our weekly classes give children the chance to work on character creation, story telling, script reading and public performances that transform your child from shy to confident while having fun along the way.

Grow into Confident Young Adults

Life long tools for study, communication and careers.

Whether our students want to become doctors, actors, engineers or magicians, BeXD Create brings together the tools and lessons they need to grow into strong, confident young adults.

My youngest has been learning Drama with BeXD from his prep year. The shy, silent little boy with many challenges I sent to the class blossomed with confidence as he represented his class at school poetry competition just after one term of Drama school.
He ended his prep year with an award for Confidence.
He now is an active participant of school choir and school plays whilst continuing to learn Drama with BeXD. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our little star. Love you all always!

Chamini, Rochedale

Helping your child build confidence, stage skills and have fun every class. Be Excited with us.

Your only risk? 

Is that you don’t start now.

More parents trust BeXD Create to guide their children to success


Our dedicated and passionate teachers love what they do, and they don't do it full time. Many of our teachers are also working in other roles in Arts, some as film actors, some as script writers, some studying and some touring the country in Musicals. Through teaching, they get to share their passion, experience and continuous learning with the students.

Goal Orientated Learning

If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there? We set out clear goals for each school term and tailor exercises to suit each individual child to help them reach their full potential.


End of Term Showcases

The end of each term we hold parent showcases to allow the kids to share what they have been learning throughout the term. This is a chance to work through the nerves and excitement of a performance, work together and celebrate!


Join our Creative Family

We teach drama, but we also guide children to overcoming their fears and prepare them for success in the real world.

Creative Support at home

We work with our students to teach them how best to incorporate feedback into their work. We also work with parents on how to create a safe supportive space for their children to take risks and expand their creative horizons.

Emotional Awareness Practice

Big feelings are the name of the game - and to play we teach all our students how to identify their emotions but also how to manage them. This helps for our characters and stories but also at home and at school.

Script Analysis & Reading Skills

Confidence on the page translates to confidence on the stage. With step by step techniques for working with scripts our students find their voice on stage and in the classroom faster.

Fantastic teachers and fabulous program. Our whole family love it!

Emmanuelle, Kenmore

Give BeXD Create’s Drama Classes a go in Term 2. No obligation. No reason not to.

Yes - Parenting is hard. But you don't have to do it alone. We’re here to give you and your child the creative support and community you've been waiting for.

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