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Encouraging. Inspiring. Exploring.

BeXD Create is a production company that runs kids classes, adult workshops and produces theatre, music and film. Our mission is to spread joy through creativity, it's that simple. Whether you want to become a professional musical theatre performer, be a rock star, simply learn to carry a tune or gain more confidence, our goal is that same. We're here to make sure you enjoy your journey as an artist.


We believe art is about joy, honesty and self-expression. So often these things get lost in the quest for perfection, particular as artists start to train in singing, acting and dance. In our classes we strive to uncover authentic expression and give our students the tools to share your creativity, rather then trying to shape you into a cookie-cutter artist.


Nurturing creativity is a hugely important part of what we do. Learning singing, drama and dance builds confidence and helps people of any age to express themselves in a collaborative, fun and safe environment. In a world that is overwhelmed with mental health challenges, constant stimulation and social media, it is one of the greatest joys to help someone find their voice and build, or sometimes re-build, their self-confidence, and the strength to share things they care about.

If you would like more information abut our classes, or have any other questions for us, please Get in Touch.

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