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"My youngest has been learning Drama with BeXD from his prep year. The shy, silent little boy with many challenges I sent to the class blossomed with confidence as he represented his class at school poetry competition just after one term of Drama school. He ended his prep year with an award for Confidence.
He now is an active participant of school choir and school plays whilst continuing to learn Drama with BeXD. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our little star. Love you all always!"

Chamini, Rochedale

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About BeXD Create

Our classes are about more than becoming a good actor, singer or dancer. Our classes are about feeling confident in your own skin, finding a like-minded community, and finding your voice. We strive to uncover authentic expression and give our students the tools to share their ideas, feelings and creativity with the world, rather then trying to shape them into a cookie-cutter artist.


Nurturing creativity in children is a hugely important part of what we do. Learning singing, drama and movement builds confidence and allows kids to learn essential communication and coordination skills and express themselves in a collaborative, fun and safe environment.


Our teen and adult classes are for students of all levels and backgrounds, Music and art is something that can bring anyone and everyone together, and our student community is one of our favourite parts of BeXD. In classes, students will learn be guided by expert teachers towards their individual creative goals.

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“Fantastic teachers and fabulous program. Our whole family love it!”

Emmanuelle, Kenmore

Term 3 Kids & Teens Timetable

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