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All kids welcome from any school or home-schooled. Our classes are designed to be inclusive of all neuro and physical diversities. Please consider that age ranges are a guide and to select the class that will best match your child's interest, focus and maturity level. If you're unsure, send us an email, a text or a call.

Book a Trial!

You can book a trial with us at anytime. Please CLICK HERE to access our Term 1 Kenmore timetable and book a Trial Class. The Gap classes don't start until Term 2!



Which Age Group?

Our ages 4-6 group is a Singing & Drama class to give these students a sense of the Drama and Singing classes. These classes are often high energy, a little messy and silly and focused on creative play.

For ages 6+, the age ranges are a guide. If you have an 8 yr old who is mature and loves script analysis, maybe try the 9-12 class. If you have a 9 yr old who thrives in a high energy environment with lots of games, maybe try the 6-8 class. There's no right or wrong here, every child is different and will thrive under different circumstance.

What's Drama?

We recommend Drama to those who want to build confidence, improve their public speaking and communication skills, explore their creativity, work with and write scripts and hone their improvisation skills.


This group will do scenes and plays, work a lot with improvisation to help us learn to think on our feet and problem-solve and write and tell stories through art activities, drama games and creative writing.


We might do a little bit of singing and dance in this group, to work on our vocal and physical freedom and technique, but it is not the focus of this class.

What's Singing & Drama?

Incorporating all of the above under ‘Drama’, Singing & Drama classes also explore the voice. Kids learn about pitch, tone, volume, rhythm and breathing.


Some students have trouble being loud, some kids love being loud! Everyone is different. Students kids are given permission to make silly, loud, quiet, high and low noises.


As the age groups progress, students study singing in cannons and harmonies and will look at what makes a ‘good singer’ and how to sing healthily. The voice is our most powerful tool for communication. Learning the fundamentals of singing can be hugely beneficial, even for those who don’t want to be singers. Every style and genre is welcome, although these teachers specialise in Musical Theatre and Pop music.

Can I watch the Class?

We have found that having parents in the room can be a bit distracting and can make shy children even more reserved and make it more difficult for distracted children to focus. Every child is different and we will leave it up to you what you think is best for your child.


If you would like to be in the room to support your child, we will ask that you participate in class and join in all the activities rather than sitting on the side to watch - kids will follow your example!


We also ask that, as difficult as it can be at times, you don't speak on behalf of your child. For some kids, just saying their name or answering a question in front of the group can be a huge win and if their guardian always jumps in to help when they are struggling, they might never get that chance. We will take great care to never embarrass or pressure your child to do anything they do not want to do.



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